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writing for press, outdoor, direct mail and guerilla

red bull 'redonism' campaign

dhl global brochure

becoming bacardi campaign

zamalek property brochure

dhl international campaign

creative wordsmith specialising in screen, print and online



Thanks for stopping by. Your hair looks nice. If you're here on purpose, this is the right place to find some of the creative copy, concepts and scripts I've put together for all kinds of companies over the past 9 years. If you like some of it and think I could help you out, let me know.


I'm writing for people in LA and London at the moment, so if you'd like to request a free quote or see when I'm available, just email me, call either number at the bottom of the page, or find me in the ether.


Hope you like the portfolio. (I mean it about the hair. Looks great.)





 UK: +44 7541 171226 US: +1 (805) 404 8263 email: