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british airways indian ocean

the brief


British Airways wanted to advertise their holiday packages from London Gatwick to a variety of beautiful Indian Ocean destinations.  There was to be a limited time to book and the price was competitive. However, they didn't want the focus to be on cost, but on the natural beauty of the destinations in that area.



the response


The massively well-received concept of using colourful creatures native to the specific locations, was created by BBH Art Director Hugo Isaacs, working alonside fellow Art Director Mark Lees and Copywriter James O'Connor. My job was to craft the body copy, so I worked the lines 'Escape to...' and 'It's a long way from the everyday' into the copy in order to provide a clear link between the visuals and the British Airways propostion - especially important as these images made for more ambiguous ads than BA usually go for.

Concept by Hugo Isaacs, created and owned by BBH MK


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Concept by Hugo Isaacs, created and owned by BBH MK

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