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Back in 2009, I had written scripts and copy to help BankMuscat communicate their expansive new customer experience program to staff in Oman. In 2010 they wanted to take it to another level - and needed a creative concept to hang it on. This next level would require an integrated media campaign including film, print and event-based communications.





Working closely with the Wired Events team, I wrote scripts for a presenter-led film that linked the event together, along with all the copy for the promotional graphics and animation. I also co-produced a film that was used to close the day out. Bank Muscat loved the results so much, we were asked to do it once again again in 2012.

presenter scripting

The presenter scripts had to essentially introduce, drive, link and sign-off the entire day event.


Over the course of many months, I worked with the Head of Customer Experience in Oman to develop the content for the scripts, before spending time bringing it in line with the overall creative concept.


The resulting scripts were then performed by our presenter - with the films being displayed in seminar rooms and offices throughout every day of the launch event, which toured Oman for over a month.


Feedback from the film has been incredibly positive, and BankMuscat have far exceeded their own targets in the months since the event. It has also been a great hit with the staff, who have embraced the creativity and interactivity of the program.


To segue between 2010's inaugural customer experience program and the new program in 2011, an animation was created to display key information in an innovative, enagaging manner.


I worked with Wired Events and art direction company PFA to write the copy that would form the foundations upon which to build the creative animation.


The result was a lovely little piece that not only conveyed important information in an easy to understand way, but also got delegates excited about what was to come during the day ahead.

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