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british airways ticket givewaway



British Airways, in conjunction with tourist boards from a variety of destinations, were looking for a creative engagement event that would promote the flights and holidays they offer to amazing long-haul spots from London Gatwick.






After the best part of a year of planning, the result was the British Airways Ticket Giveaway. Essentially it was a flight simulator game set up by BBH MK at London Victoria train station, where a pair of flights to incredible destinations were given away every 15 minutes, over seven days. Tickets could be won to a different destination every day and the amount of players who got involved massively exceeded targets. Thousands of people played during the week, and aside from the great talkability on social media, it was also featured as one of Campaign Magazine's campaigns of the week.


More info about the event can be found here:



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Concept created by Thomas Sulley. Copy written by me.

simulator script - I wrote the script for the game. This featured the voice of a 'BA Captain' guiding players through each stage of the game.
postcards - we put together postcards promoting each day's destination. Players and commuters were encouraged to take one from the stand.
winner emails and letters

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