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Aside from the commercial scripts and film concepts I've worked on, I have also been commissioned to write a number of feature and short screenplays.


In addition to these projects, I am currently collaborating on a web series and an online sitcom. For copyright purposes I am unable to have all the scripts on display, but samples can be arranged if required.




I am currently writing the second draft of a script for a comedy film entitled

'Eurovisions: An ode to Tremendous Phillips.' This looks at the weird and wonderful world of the Eurovision Song Contest at the time of the fall of the Berlin wall - and how one middle-aged call centre operator helped bring down communism through the power of pop.

Two other features, 'Get Happy' and 'Silk Robes and Jim Beam' are currently in development.


Get Happy is a character-based dramedy centred around the increasing sphere of carnage caused by one man's infidelity.


Silk Robes and Jim Beam is based on the true story of an advertising executive whose life unravels after being diagnosed as HIV positive... only to discover 18 months later that he isn't.


Further information will be available soon, but if you'd like a pdf sample or synposis of any of the scripts, drop me an email and I'll ping them over.




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