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top deck travel - promo film 2009/10



Topdeck Travel were looking for a global promo film to highlight their guided European bus and boat tours. The film was to be delivered in DVD format across their sister Flight Centre branches, at festivals and shows throughout the year, and uploaded to their youtube page.





Working with UK production company Ikkuna, I wrote and directed a film that aimed to capture the free-spirited nature of Top Deck; a company that all started with a bus, a few mates and an infectious wanderlust. We used their unique blend of fun and culture to create a film featuring voxpops from real travellers in Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, France, Croatia and Germany. Top Deck loved the film (one employee cried she was so proud) and it's since been hugely influential in increasing passenger numbers over the past few years.

Top Deck global promotional film - released 2009

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